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  1. How many edge orientations does this model have?
  2. The technique involves using a small number of edge orientations in the shape of the structure.
  3. There are other representations of edge orientation, such as the structure tensor, which are averageable.
  4. The action has been a topic of controversy with many popular texts describing it as having a harsh action due to the plate's edge orientation to the tongue.
  5. Online medium provides these students necessary flexibility and cutting edge orientation towards the knowledge, its application and final perspective on the basis of facts and values imparted in the course.
  6. It's difficult to find edge orientation in a sentence.
  7. G-RIF : Generalized Robust Invariant Feature is a general context descriptor which encodes edge orientation, edge density and hue information in a unified form combining perceptual information with spatial encoding.
  8. In addition to such attribute information, the feature detection step by itself may also provide complementary attributes, such as the edge orientation and gradient magnitude in edge detection and the polarity and the strength of the blob in blob detection.
  9. Most people start learning CFOP with 4LLL ( Four-look last layer ), which is the less advanced, slower, and algorithm-reducing way to learn CFOP . The 4 steps are divided into Edge Orientation, Corner Orientation, Corner Permutation, and Edge Permutation.
  10. If the model is self-dual in the critical, and the lattice is such that there are two possible'weights'x _ k ^ 1 and x _ k ^ 2 for the two possible edge orientations, we can introduce the following parametrization in \ alpha:
  11. Claims that graphene nanoribbons with controlled edge orientation have been fabricated by scanning tunneling microscope ( STM ) lithography are highly controversial and some of the data might have been fabricated, as one of the authors has been recognized guilty of scientific misconduct by an official commission of the Max Planck Gesellschaft . Energy gaps up to 0.5 eV in a 2.5 nm wide armchair ribbon were reported.
  12. Then, a Hamiltonian path exists if and only if there is a set of " n " & minus; 1 elements in the intersection of three matroids on the edge set of the graph : two partition matroids ensuring that the in-degree and out-degree of the selected edge set are both at most one, and the graphic matroid of the undirected graph formed by forgetting the edge orientations in " G ", ensuring that the selected edge set has no cycles.

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