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  1. In 2006, it was again postponed due to the Protective Edge Operation.
  2. This is an alternative for edge operations, such as panel raising and slot cutting.
  3. "I think in sports, they always operate on the edge and it's that edge operation that causes problems ."
  4. A newborn who would have been unable to breathe because a cyst was growing in her lungs has gone home healthy, weeks after a cutting-edge operation was performed in mid-delivery.
  5. And, much as DeVries was predicting that the artificial heart would reshape cardiac care, Humana vowed that it would prove the merits of for-profit medicine by paying for 100 of the cutting-edge operations.
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  7. Camran and Farr Nezhat did not report complications and misrepresented blood loss, the length of operations and other details concerning a cutting-edge operation, reported doctors who compared patients'records to an article the Nezhats published about the procedure in a medical journal.
  8. Later, Moussa Abu Marzouk, deputy chairman of Hamas political bureau, said in an interview with Al Jazeera that Mengistu wore uniforms, was mentally healthy and his case came up in negotiations for truce during Protective Edge operation, weeks before the date Israel claims Mengistu crossed.
  9. Northern Edge operations was conducted within the Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex, which includes more than 60, 000 square miles ( 155, 399.29 square kilometers ) of air space, and the Gulf of Alaska, which encompasses 50, 000 square miles ( 129, 499.40 square kilometers ) of air space.

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