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  1. A shopping center will be built inside before the end of 2005, Economopoulos said.
  2. Economopoulos said buyers will be allowed to pay interest-free installments over 30 years.
  3. Recipients have included the photographer Nikos Economopoulos.
  4. Economopoulos was encouraged to join Magnum Photos by the Greek-American photographer Costa Manos,
  5. She hides them in her purse and takes them to Diana Economopoulos'birthday sleepover party.
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  7. Marietta native Costaki Economopoulos became a coaching client while crisscrossing the country as a stand-up comedian.
  8. Second Place : Aristide Economopoulos, United States, The Jasper Herald, " Gay Rodeo;"
  9. Economopoulos said in 2001 that he preferred to sleep in his caravan when travelling around the Balkans and Turkey.
  10. Economopoulos has since earned a writing gig with Black Entertainment Television and is preparing his next assault on Los Angeles.
  11. Economopoulos's photography of Turkey won him the 2001 Abdi 0pek鏸 Award for promoting friendship between Turkey and Greece.
  12. In 2002 Economopoulos and his family were living in Preveza; he is now ( 2010 ) living in Athens.
  13. "I know that I'm the kind of person who needs pushing sometimes, " says Economopoulos.
  14. Due to his experience in radio programming, Anastasi asked Economopoulos to come up with a proposal for the radio station.
  15. Beka Economopoulos, speaking for the D2KLA, an umbella group that helped organize the protests, accused the police of overreacting.
  16. He had been in ill health for a decade, repeatedly being hospitalized with lymph and lung problems, said Dr . Theofanis Economopoulos.
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