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  1. So any economic prediction made during this campaign may be justifiably suspect.
  2. And economic predictions should always be regarded with skepticism, now as then.
  3. "Everyone is talking about money, " said Wilson, outraged by the economic prediction.
  4. I'm generally interested in analysis of the accuracy of forward looking economic predictions.
  5. Saying the right thingThis has serious incentive problems for economic predictions.
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  7. It was a day for dire economic predictions about the Communists as well.
  8. Weisbrot said, calling economic predictions three decades in the future " fortune telling ."
  9. Driving this euphoria is a conviction among investors that gloomy economic predictions have been overstated.
  10. Often, it is the same story with economic predictions.
  11. Among his economic predictions for the United States within the first 18 months of 2000:
  12. We hope the economic predictions prove accurate, but there is a good chance they will not.
  13. Economic predictions for the CBO were released in a report along with its federal deficit forecasts.
  14. He is surprised that every economic prediction that he and his administration make does not pan out.
  15. Recent economic predictions from banks, universities and the California Department of Finance also have been fairly upbeat.
  16. Keilis-Borok, in collaboration, had recently used some of his techniques to make socio-economic predictions with notable success.
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