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  1. Once a hard-scrabble Zionist frontier, Israel is now a regional economic powerhouse.
  2. Back then, Kenya was by far the economic powerhouse of the three.
  3. The economic powerhouse churns out 20 percent of Spain's gross domestic product,
  4. Japan, the world's second-largest economic powerhouse, teeters on the brink of recession.
  5. As Singapore has emerged as an economic powerhouse, it's grown closer to California.
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  7. Slovenia, the old Yugoslavia's economic powerhouse, has been the biggest winner.
  8. The region's economic powerhouse has announced other aid in recent weeks.
  9. It is an economic powerhouse whose people have an infinite will to work.
  10. The comparable figure in Germany, Europe's economic powerhouse, is 2 . 3 percent.
  11. After WW2, the US clearly emerged as the economic powerhouse on the planet.
  12. Germany, Europe's economic powerhouse, just reported its lowest first-quarter growth in three years.
  13. Montreal remains Quebec's economic powerhouse and Canada's second-largest city, after Toronto.
  14. Tourism has also become of the city's main economic powerhouse lately.
  15. Germany, the EU's economic powerhouse, plays a crucial role in the enlargement process.
  16. The comparable figure in Germany, Europe's economic powerhouse, is 2.3 percent.
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