economic power in a sentence

"economic power" in Chinese  
  1. A metropolis is identified as the center of political and economic power.
  2. When Pepsi returned, it came as a paragon of black economic power.
  3. The whites still have their hands on the levers of economic power.
  4. It is unclear how much economic power the White House will wield.
  5. The Japanese are the No . 2 economic power at the table.
  6. It's difficult to find economic power in a sentence.
  7. Today many black Africans find liberation a hollow promise without economic power.
  8. Along with economic power has come a certain confidence among French filmmakers.
  9. Smith railed against monopolies and the political influence that accompanies economic power.
  10. Many indigenous Fijians claim Indians wield too much political and economic power.
  11. They have invested in industrial parks and banks and amassed economic power.
  12. Sometimes you have to decide to act as a great economic power.
  13. Meciar and his cronies hold most political and economic power in Slovakia.
  14. Unabashed greed and economic power are the levers that move this society.
  15. Most Cubans eventually settled in Miami, achieving significant political and economic power.
  16. These violations are possible because the drug traffickers have enormous economic power,
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