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  1. For that we will mobilize all political, all diplomatic and all economic possibilities.
  2. When we let black youth become monolingual, we've limited their imaginative and economic possibilities.
  3. Sure, Randy Johnson is out of the realm of economic possibility for the Rangers.
  4. They already have so much economic possibilities there ."
  5. The team is now preparing a detailed report of the economic possibilities of its discoveries.
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  7. The focus is on reviewing the language's economic possibilities and its use on the Internet.
  8. Q : There are whole industries touting the economic possibilities of mapping the human genome.
  9. Other economic possibilities for tribes could arise from their ability to sell items duty-free on tribal lands.
  10. Russian companies " uncontrollably issue bonds, promissory notes and other papers for sums exceeding their economic possibilities,"
  11. The Information Age is opening up a new world of economic possibilities _ but not for everyone.
  12. The computer industry meeting at Comdex is abuzz with the economic possibilities of the Internet, the computer network.
  13. German settlers were drawn to the colony by economic possibilities in diamond and copper mining, and especially farming.
  14. This division took the geographical conditions into account, but not the economic possibilities of the two new principalities.
  15. Early Argentines who settled in the United States arrived primarily in the 1960s, looking for greater economic possibilities.
  16. IMPROVING-EDUCATION-IN-ARGENTINA-HARVARD-BUSINESS-REVIEW _ The Information Age is opening up a new world of economic possibilities _ but not for everyone.
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