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  1. This asymmetrical economic position has incited anti-Chinese sentiment among the poorer majorities.
  2. So far, Primakov has named two Soviet-era bureaucrats to top economic positions.
  3. The inheritance gave the House of Hanau quite a strong economic position.
  4. Some figures in non-economic positions may be retained in the new Cabinet.
  5. His hostility toward free trade is only in part an economic position.
  6. It's difficult to find economic position in a sentence.
  7. Never mind : the dues reflect economic position, on a sliding scale.
  8. The Communist Party at first repeated the economic position of the Socialist Party.
  9. They face social isolation, which damages their self esteem and their economic position.
  10. It has to take responsibility for its economic position . " ( cn)
  11. Florio is scheduled to release his own economic position paper early next month.
  12. Improving the socio-economic position of the average Russian is the party's primary aim.
  13. But questions have also arisen about how Lazarenko's own economic position has improved.
  14. If Swiss did not exist, Switzerland's economic position would be worse than today,"
  15. The landlords, however, found their economic position threatened, and eventually reversed the policy.
  16. Orban and Medgyessy are similar in a number of political and economic positions.
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