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  1. IMF and World Bank involvement in domestic economic policy making activities should not be resented.
  2. He was knighted in the 2015 New Year Honours for services to economic policy making.
  3. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, the highest economic policy making body in the government, approved the plan Saturday.
  4. They fear the creation of an inner circle of euro-using nations that will exclude outsiders from EU economic policy making.
  5. It also coordinated the economic policy making activities of ministries and agencies and the monitoring the implementation of development projects, measures and programs.
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  7. His research interests lie in the area of economic policy making, with a particular focus on HM Treasury and the Bank of England.
  8. But these countries do not want to be shut out of economic policy making, which they feel could drive a wedge in the union.
  9. Milton Friedman's monetarism school was prominent in displacing Keynes'ideas both in academia and from the practical world of economic policy making.
  10. Nations expected to stay out of the single currency fear the creation of an inner circle of euro-using nations will exclude them from EU economic policy making.
  11. I believe that if central banks are to retain their central position in economic policy making, they must face up to the intellectual and technological challenges that lie ahead,
  12. In his work on macroeconomic modelling and economic policy making, Tinbergen classified some economic quantities as " targets " and others as " instruments ".
  13. "' Jean Dr鑪e "'( born 1959 ) is a Belgian-born Indian development economist and activist who has been influential in the economic policy making of India.
  14. South Korean government officials have said that if possible they would like to avoid asking for assistance from the International Monetary Fund, and in the process hand over economic policy making to an outsider.
  15. Another recent book, " Political Power and Economic Policy, " published by Cambridge University Press, analyzes the links between political economics, governance structures, and the distribution of political power in economic policy making.
  16. Taiwan has $ 36 billion invested in the region, said the economic planner, Chiang Pin-kung, the chairman of Taiwan's Council for Economic Planning and Development, a government department that has broad responsibility for economic policy making.
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