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  1. But they will still be denied a seat on economic policy.
  2. Mandela has adopted a sober, growth-oriented economic policy.
  3. The GOP was the party of prosperity and sound economic policies.
  4. Quebec is already largely free to adopt its own economic policies.
  5. He has specialized in micro-economic and international economic policies.
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  7. It has a very strong record of sound economic policy management,
  8. In early 1994, Cuba began to rethink its economic policies.
  9. Chernomyrdin has implemented economic policy for almost three years of reform.
  10. This is the biggest economic policy change since the Great Depression.
  11. The government will present its next economic policy bill in April.
  12. The economy has turned upward, buoyed by prudent economic policies.
  13. This election has offered a very polarized prospect for economic policy,
  14. And Ortega has pledged to follow market economic policies if elected.
  15. The government must now turn to more serious economic policy problems,
  16. In terms of economic policy, we did almost everything wrong.
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