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  1. Any treatment based on ( sound ) economic polices is more effective than coercive administrative procedures,
  2. During the 14 years, the EAEC implemented a number of economic polices to unify the community.
  3. Besides, although they initially agreed on the terms, they will consider us as some kind of economic police.
  4. They called on the government to implement effective economic polices, including reducing taxes and creating jobs by building infrastructure.
  5. Arriving to greet leaders of the world's top industrialized nations, Clinton held up America's economic polices as a model.
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  7. The economic polices that he ( Mugabe ) is pursuing are collapsing agriculture production in areas where there was rainfall,
  8. The EU Commission, which released the forecasts, said the statistics for 1997 assume the nations stick to current deficit-reducing economic polices.
  9. Harijs Vasilievs said he voted for Fatherland and Freedom party because he liked their economic polices, though he voted against the referendum
  10. To put Brazil back on the path to vigorous growth, Palocci promised to maintain the key tenets of Cardoso's orthodox economic polices.
  11. Failure to coordinate Israeli and Palestinian economic polices would result in a " nightmare, " a senior World Bank official said Tuesday.
  12. Legislation setting up an economic police force to combat tax evasion, will be introduced to Parliament this week, finance ministry officials said Monday.
  13. If, however, America maintains the same economic polices of the last 20 years, the new millennium will not be for everyone to celebrate.
  14. Harijs Vasilievs said he voted for the Fatherland and Freedom party because he liked their economic polices, though he voted against the referendum
  15. He was posted to a new unit involved with the high-profile fight against " social evils " under the Ministry's elite economic police.
  16. Latin Americans are disenchanted with economic polices that stress privatization, deregulation and globalization, said Lorenzo Meyer, a political history professor at the College of Mexico.
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