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  1. In 1941 he was appointed Secretary of the Committee for Economic Plants.
  2. Parasitizing important economic plants, witchweed is one of the most destructive pathogens in Africa.
  3. The major income sources comes from manufacturing and economic plants, tourism, agriculture and services.
  4. Ginkgo tree is another economic plant.
  5. Their duty was to assist with the collection, transport, cultivation and distribution of economic plants.
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  7. Although his interests primarily lay in economic plants, he also took an interest in more decorative plants.
  8. There are many manufacturing and economic plants located in upland barangays like Canlubang, Punta, Barandal, Batino and Prinza.
  9. The Project not only works the forest but also with the inhabitants, taking care of schools and grow economic plants.
  10. _Economic plants, such as chocolate, tea, coffee and rice, in the Garden Court just inside the main entrance.
  11. JNTBGRI makes a comprehensive survey of the economic plant wealth of Kerala, to conserve, preserve and sustainably utilize the plant wealth.
  12. At the time the main function of colonial botanic gardens was usually to facilitate the introduction of suitable economic plants, although native plants would be collected as well.
  13. In 1960, Dhawan joined the Department of Botany at Panjab University, Chandigarh, and did his Cytological Studies of the Economic Plants of North West Himalayas ".
  14. (viii ) Delivered the keynote address in the 8th Biennial Botanical Conference held in Dhaka in December 1994, and his talk on'Economic Plants excluding medicinal plants'( in press );
  15. The discipline of plant ecology was pioneered in the late 19th century by botanists such as Eugenius Warming, who produced the hypothesis that plants form centres of origin, and evolutionary history of economic plants.
  16. The interest in economic plants now has less relevance, and the concern with plant classification systems has all but disappeared, while a fascination with the curious, beautiful and new seems unlikely to diminish.
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