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  1. With the standard economic multipliers, it could be three times that number.
  2. A Manhattan stadium provides an economic multiplier,
  3. The economic multiplier on this is huge.
  4. The concept of the economic multiplier on a macroeconomic scale can be extended to any economic region.
  5. Additionality measures the net result, taking account of deadweight, leakage, displacement, substitution and economic multipliers.
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  7. In San Diego, it was worth from $ 218 to $ 295 million, depending on the economic multipliers you use.
  8. Clark was a pioneer in developing the notion of workable competition and the theoretical basis of modern Keynesian economics, including the concept of the economic multiplier.
  9. The impact is measured not just on the institution's products and activities, but also the economic multiplier of all other commercial activities dependent specifically on that institution.
  10. If the research and its applications die, a potentially lucrative and competitive industry will be lost, and with it the unrealized corporate income taxes and expanded employment base with its economic multiplier effect for years into the future.
  11. Including an economic multiplier effect, the indirect spending prompted by the games, some Valley tourism officials estimate the World Series'impact on the local economy could be as high as $ 100 million, if it returns for a second weekend.
  12. Using the Rutgers study's economic multiplier effects, each $ 1 million of the $ 2.1 million cost of the project would produce on average 40.5 jobs, $ 1.4 million in income and $ 147, 000 in state taxes.
  13. Shuman argues against this approach by emphasizing the " economic multiplier " effect, which refers to the benefits that accrue to a community when a dollar is respent many times in the same place : You buy a dollar of your local plumber's time.
  14. Using the Rutgers study's model, the trust said the economic multiplier effects per $ 1 million of the estimated $ 3.8 million total construction cost of the Essex Club generated an estimated 73.4 jobs, $ 2.6 million in annual income and $ 266, 000 in annual state taxes.
  15. Clark first broached the concept of the economic multiplier, the idea that " all expenditures give rise to subsequent income effects and that their aggregated sum can always be expressed as a multiple of the original disbursement . " In this work Clark developed the idea of multiplier effects for foreign trade and capital investment in advancing this thesis that the actual cost of World War I to the American people substantially exceeded the sum of nominal expenditures by the government upon the war.

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