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  1. They are often described as the " law and economics movement ".
  2. The home economics movement emerged toward the end of the nineteenth century.
  3. "Welfarist " views have been especially influential in the law and economics movement.
  4. "We have everything to gain from participating in the world's major economic movement.
  5. Other stocks whose earnings are substantially influenced by economic movements advanced.
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  7. In 1923, she attended the National Home Economics Movement Conference as the Utah representative.
  8. As an economic movement, the Alliance had a very limited and short term success.
  9. This argument is characteristic of the law and economics movement.
  10. Van Rensselaer vision for a home economics movement engaged Ida Tarbell and Eleanor Roosevelt.
  11. He was known as a member of the supply-side economics movement within the Reagan Administration.
  12. The journal is part of the post-autistic economics movement, and, as such, heavily criticizes neoclassical economics.
  13. Within the history of economic thought, Veblen is considered the leader of the institutional economics movement.
  14. According to Marx, capitalism will inevitably lead to ruin in accordance with certain laws of economic movement.
  15. Richards later became a leader in the founding of the Home Economics movement in the United States.
  16. Economic movement approaches $ 150 million, 2, 000 jobs, 580 volunteers, and 2.2 million visitors every year.
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