economic motives in a sentence

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  1. At the minimum, then, there is an economic motive for inter-regional travel.
  2. "The law doesn't take into account social or economic motives, " she said.
  3. Now the adult children have an economic motive in the case.
  4. It is now driven by economic motives alone, by greed.
  5. But the availability of slaves undermined the economic motive for the development of technology.
  6. It's difficult to find economic motives in a sentence.
  7. "There are economic motives in everything, except maybe the Red Cross, " he said.
  8. In the Soviet times, there was no economic motive for this kind of show,
  9. But there is also, of course, a solid economic motive.
  10. African governments clearly see an economic motive for peace.
  11. "The woman cried out her drama, letting the economic motive prevail, " the commentary said.
  12. Additionally, an economic motive appeals to the developing countries.
  13. The produce is targeted at the international market rather than locally, due to economic motives.
  14. Leopold also rails against the way that policy makers need to find an economic motive for conservation.
  15. In the preamble to the decree, the Princess Regent, explained her humanistic and, above all, economic motives.
  16. Now there's an economic motive ."
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