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  1. Thapar attributes purely economic motivations to the Indo-Greek invasion of Southern Asia.
  2. Even as they acknowledge their economic motivation, Russian officials defend the sale.
  3. While economic motivations do not explain everything, nor should they be ignored.
  4. Several scholars focused on the economic motivations of the partitioning powers.
  5. Additionally, prior to 1737 the economic motivations for dramatists were vast.
  6. It's difficult to find economic motivation in a sentence.
  7. You are reading into whatever they do as economic motivation,
  8. Others see an economic motivation _ the ability to plunder Congo's rich natural resources.
  9. The economic motivation for scientific design and engineering is significant.
  10. They felt that warfare always had a hidden economic motivation.
  11. Therefore it is clear they have an economic motivation.
  12. Political-economic motivation emphasized reform encouraging high rates of employment, lower taxes, and minimal welfare dependents.
  13. Economic motivations for the practical use of geological data caused governments to support geological research.
  14. They include war, economic motivation, education, family and friends, politics, and identity and psychosocial factors.
  15. Economic motivations prompted some suicides in ancient Rome.
  16. Other, harder-to-measure social reasons besides economic motivation may underlie women's success in higher education, observers say.
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