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  1. The ulemas also discussed in depth problems such as economic monopoly.
  2. When you have an economic monopoly, you get high prices and bad products.
  3. The laws, however, did eliminate the economic monopoly they had over certain occupations.
  4. Though the Sultans did not like their economic monopoly, they did business with them.
  5. The economic monopoly of the metropolis was the main reason why many countries decided to become independent from Spain.
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  7. The Internet has the inherent ability to overcome the social and economic monopolies of power that often control other media.
  8. This would require political power to continue to be concentrated in a smaller and smaller oligarchy, as economic monopolies grow.
  9. The primary motivation for the formation of Galliumistan was to create an economic monopoly on the worlds supply of naturally occurring Gallium.
  10. Many analysts expect a conflict between the so-called young reformers and the powerful financial and business groups out to retain their political and economic monopolies.
  11. The injustices perceived by the fishermen evoked sympathy from many Lebanese and reinforced the resentment and antipathy that were widely felt against the state and the economic monopolies.
  12. The IMF's US $ 23 billion bailout package to Indonesia set out certain conditions which included an end to economic monopolies in certain sectors and a more transparent system.
  13. These rights were used to preserve economic monopolies for guild members, because members with gidek rights had access to shops and markets that the rest of the population did not have access to.
  14. During the civil war, the scarcity and rationing of goods gave impetus to a growth in centralised economic control, in doing so largely eliminating private trade and providing the state with an economic monopoly.
  15. Socialist historians emphasised imperial rivalries and economic monopolies as the driving force for the war, as was popularly reported with respect to the railway at the time and especially as revealed in the Russian diplomatic documents.
  16. Initially unsuccessful, Hanseatic towns in 1368 allied in the Confederation of Cologne, sacked Copenhagen and Helsingborg, and forced peace treaty of Stralsund in 1370, thus gaining an effective trade and economic monopoly in Scandinavia.
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