economic momentum in a sentence

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  1. The big picture is a rather convincing loss of economic momentum.
  2. Economic momentum is what is required to stabilize and secure political life,
  3. Nor is economic momentum the only measure of progress.
  4. Peru's economic momentum owes much to newfound price and political stability.
  5. However, Rexhall's economic momentum shifted quickly.
  6. It's difficult to find economic momentum in a sentence.
  7. Hashimoto said his other top priority will be keeping the economic momentum going.
  8. This will create some economic momentum for the town and the region ."
  9. Seventh District-- Chicago : Economic momentum and expectations positive after heat wave.
  10. The economic momentum is simply too great to be slowed by the ideological schism.
  11. The United States will do its part to restore economic momentum for the world.
  12. We have a window of opportunity that we can use to maintain our economic momentum.
  13. So there is substantial national economic momentum,
  14. But the economic momentum should continue through the quarter ending in September, he said.
  15. Jagoda said a lack of economic momentum continues to weigh on the German labor market.
  16. The reason is simple economic momentum.
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