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  1. In line with this, Geniocracy proposes a different economic model called Humanitarianism.
  2. Gaining independence in 1960, it followed a socialist economic model until 1990.
  3. IATP develops alternative economic models that integrate environmental sustainability into rural development.
  4. Our political and economic models are changing as the Cold War recedes.
  5. That failed economic model led to the desperation of millions of Argentines.
  6. It's difficult to find economic models in a sentence.
  7. We consider now an open economic model with public deficits or surpluses.
  8. Economic models are not much help for spotting turning-points in the cycle.
  9. The vast majority of enterprises are privately owned in this economic model.
  10. Traditional marketing is usually based on economic models ( Williamson, 1975 ).
  11. Needless to say, 57 percent is not an economic model that works.
  12. The alliance has promised not to alter the country's basic economic model.
  13. Chile has served as something of an economic model for Latin America.
  14. We need to come up with an economic model that makes sense.
  15. Throw another economic model into the mix, and the picture becomes more confusing.
  16. Insurance actuaries use economic models to evaluate financial implications of possible future events.
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