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  1. Dole is as uncomfortable in a moralizing role as in his unfamiliar supply-side economic mode.
  2. Last week's 15 percent tax cut proposal was further evidence of Dole's willingness to break out of his green eyeshade economic mode.
  3. He also stressed the link between the economic modes of production and the establishment of cultural norms and values, a view he shared with Karl Marx.
  4. Czech KS  planners called for implementing the New Economic Mode, an integrated economic system allowing substantial autonomy for individual enterprises and intended to promote a general increase in efficiency.
  5. Introduced in the " Mission CD " was " Economic Mode ", in which the goal is not to conquer the enemy, but instead be the first player to complete an economic based goal.
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  7. Others, including Australian researcher Chris Gore, and New Zealand researcher Will Hopkins, dispute this and instead claim the gains are primarily a result of other adaptions such as a switch to a more economic mode of oxygen utilization.
  8. Karl Marx referred to the " production of use-values " as a feature of any economic mode of production, but characterized capitalism as a mode of production that subjugated the production of use-value for the self-expansion of capital ( i . e . : capital accumulation or production for profit ).

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