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  1. Short heroic slogans of the Stalin period calling for economic mobilisation were substituted on Soviet stamps in the post-Stalin years.
  2. One of the consequences of the Congo's economic mobilisation during the war, particularly for the black population, was significant urbanisation.
  3. There was no grand strategic synthesis, the course of the 1940 campaign depended on the economic mobilisation of 1939 and the geography of western Europe.
  4. Sanders argues that the same degree of economic mobilisation could have been achieved one or even two years earlier, had the Germans abstained from unilateral black market purchasing and instead heeded Vichy calls for closer co-operation.
  5. In 1935, Kimura first served in an influential role close to the centre of Japanese policy when he was appointed Chief of the Control Section in the Economic Mobilisation Bureau at the Chief of Staff of the Kwangtung Army in Manchukuo.
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  7. Evidence suggests that in 1939 and 1940 the German " Reich " was preparing the war economy for a war of attrition, not a quick war of manoeuvre, although there was no total economic mobilisation for the war.
  8. The German government made strong attempts to counter the effects of the blockade; the Hindenburg Programme of German economic mobilisation launched on 31 August 1916, was designed to raise productivity by the compulsory employment of all men between the ages of 17 and 60, and a complicated rationing system initially introduced in January 1915 aimed to ensure that a minimum nutritional need was met, with " war kitchens " providing cheap mass meals to impoverished civilians in larger cities.

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