earrings in a sentence

"earrings" in Chinese  
  1. He wore earrings to work, along with shorts and sandals.
  2. There are no earrings allowed, or long hair or bandannas.
  3. And " power jewelry, " like post earrings.
  4. Highly detailed Stegosaurus earrings, also tiny, are $ 20.
  5. At the end, Raziel presents Renee with her lost earring.
  6. It's difficult to find earrings in a sentence.
  7. Avoid multiple bracelets, dangly earrings or anything else that jingles.
  8. The earring glitters with a hard, blue-white sheen.
  9. A pair of his earrings sells for $ 4, 050.
  10. Titanium is also used for things like eyeglass frames and earrings.
  11. Reds-visionist history : Fewer men in earrings, anyway.
  12. Olympic Barbie's earrings also are either red or white.
  13. It was like looking for an earring in a corn field.
  14. She has no nipples, but her earrings stay on forever.
  15. They shopped, naturally, this time for earrings and beads.
  16. Convicted in 1985 of misdemeanor theft for stealing pair of earrings.
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