earpiece in a sentence

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  1. I switched to an earpiece because my ear was going numb.
  2. There are security guards with electronic earpieces all over the lobby.
  3. Sometimes, Kuvin said, the technician threw away the earpiece.
  4. Portable transistor radios with little earpieces had been around for decades.
  5. The earpieces represent some form of control mechanism by the machines.
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  7. Donnelly later gives Carter an earpiece for his assistance during interrogations.
  8. For example, his lines are fed to him through an earpiece.
  9. I could hear the clicking sound over the earpiece of the phone.
  10. She is taking in much of the technical talk through an earpiece.
  11. The producer was screaming at me so loud the earpiece fell out.
  12. It turned a band on my head into an earpiece.
  13. Kerr and Lewis received the confirmation through their radio earpieces.
  14. But new earpieces and microphones make such an arrangement feasible.
  15. Worst of all, the earpiece was the hard plastic back corner.
  16. "I don't know if his earpiece fell out.
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