dye in a sentence

"dye" meaning  "dye" in Chinese  
  1. "Many people are dying, " he said.
  2. If the mice started dying, the astronauts were in trouble.
  3. We really have no room here, except for the dying.
  4. As they lose both readers and advertisers, newspapers are dying.
  5. We should be dying to get out there and do better.
  6. It's difficult to find dye in a sentence.
  7. "I'm dying, " he whispers.
  8. You know all of that stuff about old shows never dying.
  9. These groups are constantly hunting, eating, breeding and dying.
  10. The difference is the stability of the dyes in the paper.
  11. Each November he dyes his bushy brown beard snow-white.
  12. For the most part, they come from dying small towns.
  13. "I'm dying while I'm waiting.
  14. Maybe the child's dying, but she needs blood.
  15. But he also knew he was terribly injured, perhaps dying.
  16. Especially when your TV series is dying in the Nielsen ratings.
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