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  1. The ship also carried various dye stuffs, some of which archaeologists recovered.
  2. It is also used in the manufacture of other fungicides, dye stuffs, resins and rubber chemicals.
  3. Phenol is a raw chemical material used as dye stuff in textile manufacturing, and in the production of pharmaceuticals.
  4. She has run workshops at the Natural History Museum on spinning and dyeing from natural dye stuffs such as vegetables.
  5. A few years later, he and his brother, Rubin, started a small chemical company that grew into one of the country's largest maker of dye stuffs, Atlantic Industries, of Nutley.
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  7. He had a quantity of small merchandise for trade and acquired from the Indians in return for it dressed " buff " ( probably elk ), deer, and seal skins, together with marten, beaver, otter, and lynx pelts, samples of castor, porcupine quills, dye stuffs, and some dried deer-flesh.
  8. For merchants in Guatemala City dealing in indigo, they had direct contact with merchants in C醖iz, the main port in Spain, indicating the level of importance of this dye stuff in trade as well as the strengthening of previously remote areas with larger trade networks, in this case by passing Mexico City merchant houses.

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