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  1. We observed 194 homosexual interactions in 39 same-sex dyads.
  2. According to dyads, but fails to account for larger groups.
  3. Mann and Weil now operate a publishing company named Dyad Music.
  4. Syrianus describes the monad as masculine and the dyad as feminine.
  5. A Framework for Incorporating Dyads in Models of HIV-Prevention.
  6. It's difficult to find dyad in a sentence.
  7. I have forceful views on the great opinion dyads of our time.
  8. In Rome, the plebeians were insistent about the dyad of consuls.
  9. He killed Jarac by entering the Dyad, almost destroying the psiberweb.
  10. LMX is evolving into a theory that crosses dyad-group levels.
  11. C E belongs to a family of symmetrically related dyads as follows :"
  12. ;Mania : Etruscan infernal deity, one of a dyad including Mantus.
  13. Personality or personality traits also affect intimacy or immediacy within a dyad relationship.
  14. All Being rests upon the action of the One upon the Indefinite Dyad.
  15. Dyad means " pair . ")
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