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  1. On June 2012 Andrei Dyachkov was appointed to its president.
  2. Their son Yuri Dyachkov became an Olympic decathlete.
  3. Ivan Dyachkov played the key role in the development of Azerbaijani volleyball in 1946 1947 years.
  4. Dyachkov is the son of the Olympic discus thrower Nina Dumbadze and athletics coach Boris Dyachkov.
  5. Dyachkov is the son of the Olympic discus thrower Nina Dumbadze and athletics coach Boris Dyachkov.
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  7. Dyachkov failed to advance into the semifinals, as he placed sixty-seventh overall out of 71 swimmers in the preliminaries.
  8. "' Yevgeni Nikolayevich Dyachkov "'(; born October 9, 1975 ) is a retired Russian professional football player.
  9. According to Sevmash General-Director Andrei Dyachkov the repairs were stopped because it was senseless to continue without having determined the final variant of modernization.
  10. After retiring from competitions Dumbadze worked as an athletics coach together with her husband Boris Dyachkov, who trained the Georgian athletics team for almost five decades.
  11. "' Sergey Dyachkov "'(; born March 28, 1982 ) is an Azerbaijani former swimmer, who specialized in sprint freestyle events.
  12. Dyachkov qualified for the men's 100 m freestyle at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, by receiving a Universality place from FINA, in an entry time of 57.73.
  13. After a visit to a local museum, where Nadezhda sees a photograph of Mitya ( Leonid Dyachkov ), her former lover during World War II, brings back memories of his final flight.
  14. His research is based on more than ten years of fieldwork : first on Australian languages ( 1970s; primarily in Arnhem Land on Berber family ), five Songhay languages, and since 2004 several of the Dogon languages ( with Brian Cansler, Vadim Dyachkov, Abbie Hantgan, Laura McPherson, Steven Moran, Kirill Prokhorov, and the late Stephan Elders ) including Jamsay.
  15. By the mid-19th century imaginary voyages to space had become popular chapbooks, such as " Voyage to the Sun and Planet Mercury and All the Visible and Invisible Worlds " ( 1832 ) by Dmitry Sigov, " Correspondence of a Moonman with an Earthman " ( 1842 ) by Pyotr Mashkov, " Voyage to the Moon in a Wonderful Machine " ( 1844 ) by Semyon Dyachkov and " Voyage in the Sun " ( 1846 ) by Demokrit Terpinovich.

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