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  1. "' Tristan Park "'was formed in October 1986 by songwriters Brian Coombes, Chuck Dyac, and Marc Larochelle.
  2. The reunited line-up included Rick Black, Ray Bowles, Brian Coombes, Chuck Dyac, Marc Larochelle, Mike McAdam, and Jim Turmel.
  3. DYDC FM replaced the defunct DYAC AM which was established in 1982 after the latter's transmitter was damaged when Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines in 2013.
  4. Back then, DYAC AM was broadcasting with a frequency of 1449 KHz and could reach major parts of Western Leyte, Eastern Visayas, parts of Northern Mindanao, and Southern Luzon.
  5. "' DYAC-TV "'channel 23, is the Philippine sports television network ABS-CBN Sports and Action, a fully owned subsidiary of ABS-CBN Corporation.
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