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  1. Bollineni Hillside will have dwelling space of approximately six million sft . after completion.
  2. By the 1980s each citizen had a little more than 13 square meters of dwelling space.
  3. The two story addition and the ell to its right effectively form a second dwelling space.
  4. The insides are separated into different dwelling spaces by partition which usually have inter-connecting doors.
  5. In these three square-shaped parts dwelling spaces, receiving rooms, parlours and cabinets are situated.
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  7. Houses use a range of different roofing systems to keep precipitation such as rain from getting into the dwelling space.
  8. Her continuous investigation within the phenomenology of architecture breathes through the video work where the frame space becomes her dwelling space.
  9. For example, the lay leadership carefully maintained a dwelling space, attached to the church, for the absent priest.
  10. The old schoolrooms were converted to dwelling space and the new school building was built on a plot of municipal land called  Hirtengarten in 1908.
  11. They are all three-and-a-half story buildings with space for storefronts on street level and dwelling space on the upper floors.
  12. Stressing the importance of the occupant in the planning, use and shaping of the dwelling space, Migge considered the dwelling unit as malleable based on need.
  13. The design is a play on the Wall House, an unbuilt project by John Hejduk, in which pockets of dwelling space are suspended from an upright concrete slab.
  14. If the host nest is in the roof or walls of a house, then it is not unusual for the larvae to end up crawling about in the dwelling space.
  15. Although residential property prices have fallen by 39 % since 2007, the average price of dwelling space was ?2, 375.6 per sq . m . in early 2014,
  16. The Tavy Bridge area is now being redeveloped by Gallions in partnership with Wates Group; the plans include homes with dwelling space at ground floor level, making them susceptible to any future flooding.
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