dwelling on in a sentence

"dwelling on" in Chinese  
  1. Every interview I do, I end up dwelling on Quentin!
  2. Spade summed up the flawed logic of dwelling on the past.
  3. They have enough problems here in Michigan without dwelling on Washington.
  4. Or homeowners and farmers dwelling on the fringes of the Everglades?
  5. But discussing them is more productive than dwelling on the bombing.
  6. It's difficult to find dwelling on in a sentence.
  7. It is not really a question we spend time dwelling on.
  8. "Dale wasn't big on dwelling on things.
  9. This is what gets me about the media dwelling on this,
  10. The resilient Chechens are not dwelling on the privations of war.
  11. "There's no sense dwelling on the past.
  12. Many white activists accused Jordan of unfairly dwelling on the past.
  13. We should stop dwelling on differences and focus on mutual understanding.
  14. It's the dwelling on pleasure from sins already committed.
  15. Aikman is also not big on dwelling on old movies.
  16. "There's no point in dwelling on the past.
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