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"dust" meaning  "dust" in Chinese  
  1. Gooding said even a speck of dust can ruin the material.
  2. "They were collecting dust, " he said.
  3. A cloud of dust from the giant explosion engulfed the Earth.
  4. Without mud, all we are is dust in the wind.
  5. Yet, when the dust settled, turnover was not extreme.
  6. It's difficult to find dust in a sentence.
  7. Since then, Nebraska's electric chair simply gathered dust.
  8. These bits of dust and salt are called cloud condensation nuclei.
  9. They got a dust-in-your-teeth experience.
  10. The bankers got caught up in the glamour dust sprinkled around.
  11. All the rest are emotions and the dust of political sideshows.
  12. Here's another television sitcom character image biting the dust.
  13. Maybe it would be time to dust off my running shoes.
  14. A world full of dirt, dust, clutter and crime.
  15. But soon, the romantic landmark will be covered in dust.
  16. All dust and sand and clan fighting this way and that.
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