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  1. The questions elicted support from Cilluffo and dust up among directors.
  2. We used to sweep this blue dust up.
  3. UNDATED-Nothing dusts up a good argument like sports.
  4. But Kendall would not be deterred from his long-sought chance to dust up the president's nemesis.
  5. ""'Kick the Dust Up "'" is a song recorded by American country music artist Luke Bryan.
  6. It's difficult to find dust up in a sentence.
  7. Better than that, the studio is already exercising bragging rights in anticipation of a ratings board dust up.
  8. "' Kick the Dust Up Tour "'was the third headlining concert tour by American country music singer Luke Bryan.
  9. The film, " Dust Up ", starring Amber Benson also contained a Spindrift score and was released Oct . 2012.
  10. The incredible explosion hurled around 100 cubic km of rocks, ashes and dust up to 70 km high and darkened the sky.
  11. The show took place July 30, 2015 on his Kick the Dust Up Tour with Randy Houser & Dustin Lynch as openers.
  12. There was a dust up from two Houston congressmen over whether Pasadena, Texas, got wind of the threat in a timely, efficient way.
  13. Meanwhile, his continual struggles with his own Cabinet and occasional dust ups with his wife, Sarah, riveted and vexed a country fascinated with
  14. Tink willingly gives the pixie dust up, and Hook sprinkles it over the ship before throwing Zarina into the water, leaving the fairies to rescue her.
  15. Writing for " Religion Dispatches ", Austin Dacey compared the protest movement to Martin Luther, stating, " Forget the " South Park " dust up; forget Everybody Draw Muhammad Day.
  16. This is the first big article dust up I can find ( Ottava attempting to rewrite a line in WP : NLT and being blocked for edit warring was earlier ).
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