dust trail in a sentence

  1. Like Asher and McNaught, Van Flandern and Lyytinen study separate dust trails.
  2. Asher and McNaught developed detailed models of the trajectories of the individual dust trails.
  3. Peter Jenniskens comments that this outburst resembled a " typical dust trail crossing ".
  4. In 1995, Peter Jenniskens predicted the 1995 Alpha Monocerotids outburst from dust trails.
  5. Over longer periods of time, the dust trails can evolve in complicated ways.
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  7. After 10 minutes, Ahmed says, he saw a dust trail from approaching tanks.
  8. In 2006 Jenniskens has published predictions for future dust trail encounters covering the next 50 years.
  9. When the Earth passes through a comet dust trail, it can produce a meteor shower.
  10. This year, Earth will pass close to four dust trails, from 1699, 1767, 1799 and 1866.
  11. The trail here is a natural path, and is narrower and more overgrown than the formal stone dust trail.
  12. Blerina Hoxha is becoming accustomed to a flat, enormous landscape in which speeding pickups send up dust trails visible for miles around.
  13. Across this fertile land, clouds of dust trail into the light of dusk, farmers busy planting and breaking up their soil.
  14. They surmised that the individual dust trails remained apart, and in 1998 the Earth passed fairly far away from all of those trails.
  15. Miniature fans and Jetex pellets, which are capable of issuing air jets or chemical exhaust, were attached to the undersides to simulate dust trails.
  16. Meteoroids ejected since A . D . 1750 were studied, with also no dust trail encounters found in 2016 ( see CBET telegram 4259 ).
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