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  1. The other side of the disc can sometimes be seen, though it tends to be lost in the dust tail.
  2. Let me know if you see the dust tail . talk ) 06 : 20, 17 January 2015 ( UTC)
  3. In recent studies performed by NASA's STEREO spacecraft, dust tails have been observed, and in 2010 Phaethon was detected ejecting dust.
  4. It shone brighter than any star in the sky except Sirius, and its dust tail stretched 40 45 degrees across the sky.
  5. There is a possibility that after it passes the Earth and continues getting closer to the sun, the dust tail will lengthen and also brighten,
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  7. The other, much brighter kind is a dust tail, and usually doesn't develop to a great extent until after the comet's closest approach to the sun.
  8. From the observations, the extent of the dust tail appears to correspond to 200 times the distance of Earth from the Sun, or 18 billion miles.
  9. So as Shantavira says, any meteor shower would come from the dust tail of the current passage . talk ) 13 : 10, 2 January 2013 ( UTC)
  10. The tail of dust is left behind in the comet's orbit in such a manner that it often forms a curved tail called the type II or dust tail.
  11. But Comet Hyakutake will quickly pass into Southern Hemisphere skies after it approaches the sun on May 1, so northern observers are unlikely to see much of a dust tail.
  12. On occasions-such as when the Earth passes through a comet's orbital plane, a tail pointing in the opposite direction to the ion and dust tails called the antitail may be seen.
  13. When the comet's brightness reached a maximum on May 5, the tail had fanned out with a weak plasma tail about 45?long and a curved dust tail about 15?long.
  14. Dr . Francois Colas at the Pic du Midi Observatory in the Pyrenees of France reported that he had observed two " condensations, " or bright blips, in the comet's dust tail.
  15. While the comet's dust tail roughly followed the path of the comet's orbit and the gas tail pointed almost directly away from the Sun, the sodium tail appeared to lie between the two.
  16. Showing how a comet may appear to exhibit a short tail pointing in the opposite direction to its type II or dust tail as viewed from Earth i . e . an antitail
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