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  1. Inhalation was clearly demonstrated in Missouri in the 1970s, when waste oils were used as dust suppressant in horse arenas.
  2. Snow, who sells chemical and organic dust suppressants, says the extensive water use only substitutes one environmental woe for another.
  3. Minerals extracted from the lake include : sodium chloride ( common salt ), used in magnesium-chloride brine, used in the production of magnesium metal, chlorine gas, and as a dust suppressant.
  4. In actuality, after Bliss Oil's president tasted the oil to check its suitability for other uses and found the flavor fit, Bliss sprayed it as a dust suppressant at various locations throughout Missouri.
  5. Dust in such places may be suppressed by mechanical methods, including paving or laying down gravel, or stabilizing the surface with water, vegetable oils or other dust suppressants, or by using water misters to suppress dust that is already airborne.
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  7. Although magnesium chloride use in an equestrian ( horse ) arena environment is generally referred to as a dust suppressant it is technically more accurate to consider it as a water augmentation activity since its performance is based on absorbing moisture from the air and from whatever else comes in contact with it.

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