dust storms in a sentence

"dust storms" in Chinese  
  1. Hearing that felt like a hard rain after a dust storm.
  2. Nor did they mention scorpions, rat tlers and dust storms.
  3. The Great Plains have dust storms mostly every year or so.
  4. Three years later, the farmer went bankrupt amid dust storms.
  5. Dust storms have numerous hazards and are capable of causing deaths.
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  7. The automated craft attempted to land in a giant dust storm.
  8. The relocation has since " bred a dust storm of conflict.
  9. The martian dust storms of 1971 and 1973 were extensively covered.
  10. The gap was so named from the frequent dust storms there.
  11. And dust storms, of course, are out of the question.
  12. Lyne told her that it was a dust storm in El Paso.
  13. Mars today is an icy desert with dust storms and reddish dunes.
  14. Brown clouds hung on the horizon like frozen dust storms.
  15. A dust storm had begun to twist its way through the openness.
  16. Spring dust storms are common over parts of eastern Asia.
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