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  1. Hopkins in 2011, revealed evidence for an inner dust band around Vega.
  2. Additional faint dust bands and incomplete arcs may exist between the main rings.
  3. The dust band that causes the zodiacal light is uniform across the whole ecliptic.
  4. The origin of the dust bands is less problematic.
  5. A number of faint dust bands and incomplete arcs may exist between the main rings.
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  7. In contrast, the dust bands have relatively few large particles, which results in low optical depth.
  8. In all six cases, the researchers found evidence of dust bands crossing bright areas around the star.
  9. In addition, dust bands observed between the main rings of Uranus may be similar to the rings of Jupiter.
  10. The narrow main rings and the moonlet belts that create dust bands are expected to differ in particle size distribution.
  11. They proposed that these variations in orbital inclination lead to variations in insolation, as the Earth moves in and out of known dust bands in the solar system.
  12. The Massalia family or a recent minor collision within it may be the source for the prominent ? dust band, the other candidate being a recent collision within the Themis family.
  13. In recent years, observations by a variety of spacecraft have shown significant structure in the zodiacal light including dust bands associated with debris from particular asteroid families and several cometary trails.
  14. In addition to separate dust bands the system of Uranian rings appears to be immersed into wide and faint sheet of dust with the normal optical depth not exceeding 10  " 3.
  15. Along with hit songs from the " As I Was " and " Crossbar Hotel " albums, the CD featured a few songs from his Connecticut Dust Band days and some unreleased tracks from studio sessions.
  16. This marks the point on the celestial sphere opposite the location of the Galactic Center; hence, this region marks a less extensive and less luminous part of the dust band that forms the spiral arms of the Milky Way.
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