dust ball in a sentence

"dust ball" in Chinese  
  1. I'll bet you'll find some dust balls.
  2. Aliens visiting our planet by definition have made it off their own dust ball.
  3. Usually you can just remove the top of the machine and pull the dust balls away.
  4. His wife Sheri finally got tired of having a human dust ball instead of a husband.
  5. You might find golf balls in their house, but you could look forever for dust balls.
  6. It's difficult to find dust ball in a sentence.
  7. No able-bodied family member or dust ball was safe at that time of the year.
  8. Sooner or later, the poisonous dust balls of old resentments slip out and begin contaminating the atmosphere.
  9. Dust balls and cat dander were the big crimes then, and we were guilty on both counts.
  10. You can : Remove the cover and check around the exhaust fan and remove any large dust balls that block circulation.
  11. Inside, its labyrinth of staircases, halls and elevators are dotted with dust balls and wrapped in an eerie hush.
  12. Long and torpid, he lies in a cold room filled with dust balls and declares, " I am not interested in myself ."
  13. Down on all fours with the dust balls, I pull the portfolio from under my bed and remove the garbage bag covered with six years of dust.
  14. Those with the condition are more likely to let dust balls gather in the absent child's room and less likely to be found folding shirts at midnight.
  15. Like many a new parent you shudder as the constant stream of well-wishers wades through unread newspapers and dust balls in what used to be a tidy home.
  16. With each improvement _ sweeping up the ancient dust balls, applying a fresh coat of paint, adding artwork to the walls _ ever more people chose to climb.
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