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  1. Storing patent leather items in a white dust bag will help prevent this.
  2. The Spurs were vacuumed, Hoovered, sucked up into the dust bag and tossed away.
  3. They come with a dust bag to catch most of the fine saw dust created.
  4. It was the first Hoover to utilize a full wrap around bumper and a completely disposable dust bag.
  5. By using the same capacity large dust bag as the X1 Automatic upright, this feature allowed buyers to independently choose between an upright vacuum or a more compact cylinder vacuum.
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  7. However, no manufacturer or distributor would handle his product in the UK, as it would disturb the valuable market for replacement dust bags, so Dyson launched it in Japan through catalogue sales.
  8. For example, the circular front, with its patented airbelt bumper, is ideal for negotiating obstacles, houses an easy to remove filter inside, and allows a large capacity 6 litre disposable high filtration dust bag.
  9. After refining the design and obtaining a patent for the Electric Suction Sweeper he set about producing it himself, assisted by his son, who helped him assemble the machines, and his daughter, who assembled the dust bags.
  10. *06 : 56, 14 August 2005 deleted " Keyboard dust bag " ( content was :'You might have seen this little dillio at the automatic repair garage or any other place where typist have dirty or greazy hands.
  11. The first practical and portable vacuum cleaner was built in 1907, when James Murray Spangler, a janitor from Canton, Ohio, incorporated a rotating brush, an electric fan, a box, and one of his wife's pillowcases to serve as the dust bag.
  12. With a foot operated roller suction dial and a comfort handle, also copied by Miele on their later machines, SEBO's highly compact C series also uses the X series large disposable dust bag, loaded from underneath the machine to cut costs and extend accessibility.
  13. Scattered throughout the game's levels are special items for Vince to collect : Zombie Dust Bags, which upon collecting 100 will increase Vince's health bar; Hearts, which give Vince extra lives; Beads, which are collected from fallen enemies and fill Vince's voodoo power meter; and Skull Pages, which upon collecting all in a certain level will reveal a Skull.
  14. Using a four layer filtration 3 litre dust bag, ( also with the bag door forming part of the underside of the machine ) and similar Hospital grade filter system developed on the C series, the K series was also awarded with the British Allergy Foundation seal of approval and carried on with the AirBelt Clean Air diffuser design.

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