dust and heat in a sentence

"dust and heat" in Chinese  
  1. Track officials have been concerned about blowing sand, dust and heat at the new desert layout.
  2. In the dust and heat and flies he tended his flock, providing what pastoral care he could.
  3. The rides are not for the soft . Rocks litter the trails and the dust and heat can make visitors long for an airconditioned tour bus.
  4. "From the plane's window I saw a huge mass of people in the choking dust and heat, " she said.
  5. His English was tentative, hers was Bostonian, and in the dust and heat of the new US refugee camp she had to communicate through him.
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  7. This isn't about avoiding X-rated Web sites, but about dust and heat, which will wreak havoc on your computer's circuits.
  8. They stood or squatted on their haunches, silent and solemn in the dust and heat, waiting patiently by the hour for the army truck carrying his body.
  9. "When it comes to peace no one needs to convince you, " he told the crowd amid the red dust and heat of a Sudanese summer.
  10. The next morning he informs the Central Core about the pathogens and the city drops its security level, thus stopping the cycle of rain-causing dust and heat.
  11. Juarez, a gritty factory town drenched in dust and heat, has been gripped by a series of killings of women factory workers as well as internecine warfare among drug traffickers.
  12. The almost-daily rioting in the camp is caused not just by the awful conditions _ flies, dust and heat _ but by the resentment of people indiscriminately arrested by Americans.
  13. Hidden behind mud walls, a half-dozen turkeys wandered in a garden of grapevines and rose bushes, a startling patch of green in the dust and heat of Bagram village.
  14. Speaking to Parliament members, Narayanan, 76, described himself as " someone who has sprung from the grass roots of our society and grown up in the dust and heat of this sacred land ."
  15. Eight months after a lightning victory, U . S . military operations grind on in the swirling dust and heat of the Afghan summer, and in a haze of questions, diminishing returns and growing Afghan unease.
  16. Traffic lights don't work, " said Adel Ali, a 40-year-old military physical education teacher, packed with four other men in a battered Chevrolet Malibu in the choking dust and heat.
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