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  1. An exhaust duct was installed to draw out dust and fumes from power machinery.
  2. We constantly inhaled the dust and fumes.
  3. This placed all major heavy industries which emitted smoke, grit, dust and fumes under the supervision of the Inspectorate.
  4. _Children are exposed to dust and fumes in repair shops, woodwork factories and construction sites in Egypt, the Philippines and Turkey.
  5. Since these produced greater quantities of lead dust and fumes, the flue was extended at the same time to the new chimney.
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  7. The most dangerous form of occupational exposure to cadmium is inhalation of fine dust and fumes, or ingestion of highly soluble cadmium compounds.
  8. Dust and fumes choke the lungs and coat the lights, leaving the plant floor a spectral labyrinth of glowing pipes and blackened machinery.
  9. In the mines, many ventilation systems do not work, plunging miners into dimly lit tunnels where they choke on dust and fumes and toil in extreme heat or biting cold.
  10. While this gear helps to eliminate the risks, firefighters are still exposed to smoke, toxic dust and fumes that have contributed to firefighters being 14 % more likely to develop cancer.
  11. She said that some of the dust was " as caustic and alkaline as Drano . " Dr . Marjorie Clarke also warned of the consequences of breathing toxic dust and fumes.
  12. According to the Paris-based International Energy Agency, recent industrial decline has reduced energy demand by about 20 to 25 percent in the region and thus proportionately diminished the dust and fumes coming off the power plants.
  13. On September 13, 2006, Senator Hillary Clinton brought an amendment to a piece of ports security legislation, aiming to create a five-year, $ 1.9 billion treatment program for sufferers of Ground Zero dust and fumes after-effects.
  14. In the lawsuit, one of the workers, Marie Mitchell of Brooklyn, who suffers from asthma, charges that she was assigned to work exposing her to dust and fumes, then lost her benefits when she refused the work.
  15. Contact temperature measurement is impossible because of the chemically aggressive and abrasive nature of the hot clinker, and optical methods such as infrared pyrometry are difficult because of the dust and fume-laden atmosphere in the burning zone.
  16. The worst thing you can do is try to get rid of lead-based paint by dry scraping, belt-sanding or using a propane torch or heat gun; that can expose you to dangerous levels of lead-contaminated dust and fumes.
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