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  1. It had the dusky, surreal atmosphere of a dream state.
  2. And stretched out in a single singing line of dusky song.
  3. The planks on the floor have weathered to a dusky gray.
  4. Instead, he chose sedate grays, cinnamon and dusky blue.
  5. Her tone is dusky and earthy, rather than conventionally beautiful.
  6. It's difficult to find dusky in a sentence.
  7. Rich, concentrated aroma; light bodied with dusky fruit flavors.
  8. Her voice is ample, yet her sound is appealingly dusky.
  9. It was late, a dusky haze frosting the low mountains.
  10. Duesing brings his dusky voice and steady presence to the Narrator.
  11. Seals, dusky dolphins and killer whales have also been seen.
  12. There are dusky to black tips on the pectoral, tanning.
  13. Cromwell Ochre's Legacy back to Dusky D'Orsay.
  14. The pectoral and pelvic fins are pale without any dusky pigmentation.
  15. The dusky indigobird is a brood parasite of the African firefinch.
  16. Nah flashman is just about hating darkies and banging dusky ladies.
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