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  1. This made way for weaponry covering the ground, a constant state of duskiness and the scarring of the land.
  2. The spinous dorsal fin has irregular spotting and a faint duskiness distally, but does not exhibit a distinct patch of dark pigmentation.
  3. A Rembrandt face is a face partially eclipsed; and the nose, bright and obvious, thrusting into the riddle of halftones, serves to focus the viewer's attention upon, and to dramatize, the division between a flood of light an overwhelming clarity and a brooding duskiness.
  4. In the evening of Holy Thursday, the monumental " Macchina delle Quarant'Ore " ( " Machine of the Forty Hours " ) is set up : it is a traditional 19th-century structure ( based upon a 17th-century design, with floral decorations ) made of carved and gilded wood on which more than two hundred candles are placed, so as to enlighten the mystic duskiness.
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