dusk in a sentence

"dusk" meaning  "dusk" in Chinese  
  1. Dusk obscures early the field, woods, fences, neighbors.
  2. Now, from dawn until dusk, it throbs with life.
  3. She leaves the track at dusk and goes home to sleep.
  4. Near dusk, the county prosecutor's car pulled up.
  5. He reached camp at dusk after 13 hours of icy hell.
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  7. A dusk-to-dawn curfew was put into effect.
  8. The heat had relented and dusk was falling clear and cool.
  9. Shall I say, I have gone at dusk through narrow streets
  10. Cowan was saying now in the dusk of Woods'triumph.
  11. "It's dusk when he finally says it.
  12. The Fort Jefferson Visitor Center is open from dawn until dusk.
  13. It is dusk and folks are kicked back and humming along.
  14. The best times to scout are before dusk and after sunrise.
  15. Curfews were set for dusk in the hardest-hit areas.
  16. At dusk we climbed an adjacent hill to watch the sunset.
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