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  1. We have already missed great players due to suspensions and injuries.
  2. The benefit was due to drop to $ 594 in September.
  3. He is due back in court for sentencing Aug . 29.
  4. He's due back in San Francisco on September 8.
  5. There were class dues and class pictures, things like that.
  6. It's difficult to find due in a sentence.
  7. "Nell " is due for a Christmas release.
  8. Also due to resign are army chief of staff, Brig.
  9. The United Nations mandate is due to expire Sept . 30.
  10. But she seemed to know little about the payments due her.
  11. "They say you haven't paid your dues.
  12. Due to low and irregular pay, officer desertions were frequent,
  13. Girlfriend Carmen Allen's delivery due-date is today.
  14. Several weeks remain before the administration's brief is due.
  15. In October Mozambique was due to hold its first free election.
  16. In due course it may return to its richly deserved obscurity.
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