due for in a sentence

"due for" in Chinese  
  1. "Nell " is due for a Christmas release.
  2. But Barkley was due for a bad night and it came.
  3. The official is not due for another visit until next month.
  4. In other words, he is due for the big moment.
  5. The index is due for its next big tuneup in 1998.
  6. It's difficult to find due for in a sentence.
  7. The monthly index for January is due for release March 20.
  8. By those standards, Iomega shares appear due for a pause.
  9. In addition, the association pays her dues for a year.
  10. Employment figures for September are due for release Oct . 10.
  11. We're about due for some good breaks ."
  12. Some investors say the market may be due for a rise.
  13. Some investors say the stock market is due for a rise.
  14. Economic figures due for release next week will show the opposite.
  15. The December M3 report is due for release sometime this week.
  16. It is not due for an overhaul again for another year.
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