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  1. Honduras claims its southern maritime border with Nicaragua extends due east.
  2. The Carnegie Ridge trends almost due east to the Ecuadorian coast.
  3. Due east of Kirkcowan the Bladnoch unites with the Tarf Water.
  4. The current of the river is 3m / s due east.
  5. The route heads due east from LA 472 along the Alexandria.
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  7. Tuesday morning, Kerry will point his jet due east.
  8. The expressway continues due east along the southern edge of the valley.
  9. It is situated 50 km due east from the Slovak capital Bratislava.
  10. Sebennytos lies nearly due east of Sais, in Memphis.
  11. The city of Fustat was built due east of Babylon.
  12. Due east of the village is the hamlet of Iburndale.
  13. SR 502 runs due east from the state line into Greenville Township.
  14. The monument faces 90?due east, toward Saudi Arabia.
  15. Running due east, a major road connected with Padua via Legnago.
  16. Now the valley runs for 15 km relatively straight and due east.
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