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  1. As the river curves towards the south, SR 189 curves due east.
  2. The expressway continues due east along the southern edge of the valley.
  3. The plane climbed to 40, 000 feet and kept heading due east.
  4. Shortly after the overpass, Route 403 turns to head almost due east.
  5. SR 502 runs due east from the state line into Greenville Township.
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  7. Now the valley runs for 15 km relatively straight and due east.
  8. In Junction SR 111 turns northeast and SR 637 continues due east.
  9. It is situated 50 km due east from the Slovak capital Bratislava.
  10. Sambhal lies due east from New Delhi, past Ghaziabad, Noida and Hapur.
  11. A female figure faces due east, wearing a dress and a cape.
  12. Due east and due west mark the first days of spring and autumn.
  13. Bermuda lies 900 miles ( 1, 450 km ) due east of Fripp.
  14. Due east of Kirkcowan the Bladnoch unites with the Tarf Water.
  15. The current of the river is 3m / s due east.
  16. Mom says, " a mile and a half due east ."
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