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  1. Telefonica Moviles said the due diligence process will last 50 to 60 days.
  2. Several parties were preparing to start the due diligence process, Mr Jamieson said.
  3. Second, Citibank could finish the due diligence process very early, before the deadline.
  4. The transaction is subject to a successful completion of the due diligence process, Alusuisse said.
  5. The bidders that pre-qualified for the auction will complete the due diligence process this week.
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  7. First, Citibank finishes the due diligence process by late February or asks for an additional period.
  8. As our due diligence process is currently suspended, it would be inappropriate for Citibank to comment.
  9. The due diligence process has not been completed, so answering this question would be purely speculative.
  10. Urbancorp was chosen as the first residential developer by Parc Downsview Park after an extensive due diligence process.
  11. Applicants are subject to a thorough due diligence process which guarantees that only reputable applicants acquire Maltese citizenship.
  12. Because we had already completed a due diligence process with BBA, they were able to act really quickly,
  13. Citibank has worked very hard in the due diligence process and showed strong intentions [ of closing the deal ].
  14. He said the Bank of Thailand had almost completed the due diligence process of examining BMB's financial status.
  15. It is essential that the concepts of valuations ( shareholder value analysis ) be linked into a due diligence process.
  16. LEA Global does not have a policy of open membership, but requires rigorous due diligence process before inducting new members.
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