duck huntings in a sentence

"duck huntings" in Chinese  
  1. -- go duck hunting with Mr . Walters ( teacher)
  2. The duck hunting trip was conducted near Grand Chernier, Louisiana.
  3. Each of us had our own level of enthusiasm for duck hunting.
  4. "It's like duck hunting,"
  5. The mascot mockingly plays off Foster's love of duck hunting.
  6. It's difficult to find duck huntings in a sentence.
  7. When duck hunting, one goes where the ducks are,
  8. Tragedy strikes when Kerry is killed during a protest against Duck Hunting.
  9. Some duck ponds are purposely built for the sport of duck hunting.
  10. You go duck hunting when the ducks are flying.
  11. There's time for duck hunting ."
  12. The duck hunting season ended statewide Jan . 19.
  13. Yet, duck hunting is not an obsession for those who love it.
  14. Balta was founded in 1912, and is known for its duck hunting.
  15. That same year, he was captured by the Mohawks while duck hunting.
  16. This is important for different types of duck hunting.
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